The Story of Susquehanna

   Susquehanna is an experimental coming-of-age drama set in small-town Pennsylvania during the summer of 1995. The film is a warts-and-all portrayal of a young, socially-awkward outcast named Tommie.
   After he receives a killer Dyno BMX bike for his birthday, Tommie begins tagging along with his brother's rough-and-tumble group of friends. The world they'll introduce Tommie to will change him forever.
   And when Tommie falls for one of their girlfriends, he may never be able to escape.

   During every facet of production, Susquehanna was approached as an exploration of the cinematic medium. As a means of testing the bounds of cinema verite storytelling, the filmmakers chose to lens the entire film on three 1988 VHS camcorders.
   A cast of entirely amateur actors with little or no experience populates the film. ‘Structured improvisation’ was used as means  of further exploring the cineme verite medium and allows the film to toe the line between narrative and documentary filmmaking.
   Production lasted ten days and had a budget of just under $1,000.
   The finished product is a one-of-a-kind piece of cinema that
captures the essence of the time period like few have before.

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